a million miles away.

Ask me anything ;)   Hey i'm Renee, i'm 21, i live in Sydney, dats it.



dog trying to save fishes

Oh my heart

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i hope u find someone that mindlessly plays with your hands and lightly strokes your legs and massages your back and plays with your hair and i hope that u feel like you’re home when u look at them

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I’m dancing on my own, I make the moves up as I go.

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Drake seen in recovery after “Anaconda” music video


Drake seen in recovery after “Anaconda” music video

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*on a date*

so haha tell me more about your dog

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*watches anaconda video*

me: *does 100 squats*

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This boy at Target asked if I would hold his hand because his ex girlfriend just walked in with a new guy, so naturally I felt bad and held his hand while strolling around Target for a bit. Then it donned on me, with no other couple in sight, that was the best damn pick up line ever pulled.

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